The Imaging Center for Undergraduate Collaboration (ICUC, or "I see, you see") is Wheaton College's state-of-the-art facility where students and faculty capture and analyze digital images of diverse subjects from single cells to whole star systems. The ICUC was established in 2002 by a generous grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF grant # 0126637) to support the innovative teaching and research with digital imaging occurring in all science disciplines at Wheaton. In the ICUC, students use the latest computers, microscopes, and digital cameras, networked to each other, to the campus, and to the world, to collect, analyze, and distribute digital image data from a limitless number of sources. Follow the links on these pages to learn more about the ICUC and the exciting work that students and their faculty collaborators are doing there.

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Funding for the ICUC was provided by Wheaton and by the National Science Foundation
grant # 0126637.

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