This is only a BRIEF description of the endless capabilities available through Wheaton’s new Imaging Center...


The ICUC is made up of a combination of 13 Mac G4s with integrated digital cameras and microscopes and 128 Gb server. In addition the ICUC is home to an Epson 740 color inkjet printer, Epson 2000P archival printer and a Hewlett Packard DesignJet 800P large format printer. The lab is also equipped with a Mitsubishi Data Projector and six-foot viewing screen capable of displaying images from any of the computers in the room.

The ICUC lab supports software such as Adobe Photoshop, Image J, Dreamweaver, Quicktime Pro and Remote Desktop so that you may make the most of any image. A variety of microscopes with camera and computer attachments allows for gathering both still images as well as sequential images for a time-lapsed effect. Read protocols for the software at http://icuc.wheatonma.edu/icuc_protocols/icuc_protocols.html

The digital cameras are mounted on a collection of microscopes including of an inverted microscope, a polarizing microscope, a fluorescence microscope, dissecting scopes and upright microscopes. The assortment and variety of digital cameras in the lab makes the ICUC different from other labs you have experienced. With eight digital video cameras, five still frame cameras, and six hand held cameras you can literally take, edit, and create images of any size, shape, and speed. With the technology available through the ICUC, imaging becomes unrestricted to any genre. The ICUC has seen Claymation videos, 3-d imaging, time-lapsed videos as well as scientific-specific research like microinjection of sea urchin embryos and polarization photography of rock samples, as well as many, many others. Learn how to operate the equipment at http://icuc.wheatonma.edu/icuc_protocols/icuc_protocol.html

An imperative feature of the ICUC is the web access to software and equipment protocols, images, ICUC info, links and contacts that allow students and faculty of any experience level to explore the possibilities available. Also, the lab is staffed with student directors and employees to assist classrooms and individuals taking advantage of imaging opportunities supported by Wheaton’s very own Imaging Center for Undergraduate Collaboration. See when the lab is open and when staff members are available for assistance at http://icuc.wheatonma.edu/employment/schedule.html


Funding for the ICUC was provided by Wheaton and by the National Science Foundation
grant # 0126637.


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